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Net Worth:
$12 Million
Date of Birth:
Apr 23, 1987 (36 years old)
Place of Birth:
Orange County, California, U.S.

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  7. Personal Life

What is Summit1g’s net worth?

Summit1g is an American Twitch streamer and competitive video game player who has a net worth of $12 million.

Summit1g is the online handle of Jaryd Russell Lazar, a Twitch streamer and former professional esports player who first achieved recognition for playing “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.” On Twitch, he streams such other games as “Escape from Tarkov,” “Sea of Thieves,” “Overwatch,” “Foxhole,” and “Rust.” Additionally, he has regularly speedrun “Max Payne 3” during his Twitch streams.

Early Life

Jaryd Russell Lazar was born on April 23, 1987 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. An avid gamer growing up, he played on the Xbox before transitioning to PC gaming.


As a professional esports player, Lazar was known for playing the multiplayer tactical first-person shooter “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,” the fourth game in the “Counter-Strike” series. In late 2012, he joined his first professional esports team, Exertus. He later played for A51 and Continuum.


Lazar launched his Twitch channel, summit1g, in 2012. After retiring from professional esports, he focused full-time on his channel, streaming an array of video games including “CS:GO” and “WarZ.” Lazar also streams “Escape from Tarkov,” “Sea of Thieves,” “Grand Theft Auto V,” “Foxhole,” “Rust,” and “Overwatch,” among other games. In 2017, he made news by surpassing Tom “Syndicate” Cassell as the most-followed Twitch streamer, and the year after that, he surpassed Riot Games for the most-followed channel on the platform. Lazar went on to sign a multi-year contract with Twitch to provide content and partnership support. In 2021, he began doing regular speedruns of the third-person shooter “Max Payne 3” during his Twitch streams. While streaming live in early July, he achieved a world record in the game’s “Hardcore” category.


Lazar posts many of his streams to his summit1g YouTube channel, which he launched in 2013. The channel also features gaming tutorials and vlogs. It has amassed over 700,000 subscribers and more than 130 million total views.

Mental Health

Lazar struggles with anxiety and panic attacks, and in 2018 openly discussed his struggles during a stream in order to help others going through similar mental health challenges.


Lazar has been recognized with some honors for his esports and streaming careers. In 2017, he won the Esports Industry Award for Streamer of the Year, and in 2023 was nominated for a Streamer Award for Best FPS Streamer.

Personal Life

In 2013, Lazar married his longtime girlfriend Desirae, a fellow Twitch streamer. She often appeared on his livestreams. The two eventually split in mid-2015. Many fans speculated that the separation was caused by disagreements over having kids, as Lazar was known to be strictly against having kids while his wife wished to have a family. This theory earned further validity when Desirae had twin daughters with her new partner in 2018. Lazar went on to date another fellow Twitch streamer, Lilchiipmunk, whose real name is Caroline. She hails from Toronto, Canada, and is known for streaming the multiplayer online battle arena video game “League of Legends.”

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