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Net Worth:
$5 Million
Date of Birth:
May 10, 1968 (55 years old)
Place of Birth:
Needham, Massachusetts, U.S.
Musician, singer, songwriter

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  3. Filter
  4. Army of Anyone
  5. The Damning Well
  6. Film Scores
  7. Writing
  8. Personal Life

What is Richard Patrick’s Net Worth?

Richard Patrick is a musician and singer-songwriter who has a net worth of $5 million. Richard Patrick is best known as the frontman of the rock band Filter, which he formed in 1993 with Brian Liesegang. Before that, he served as the touring guitarist for the rock band Nine Inch Nails. In other music-related activities, Patrick co-founded and performed with the rock supergroups Army of Anyone and The Damning Well.

Early Life and Education

Richard Patrick was born on May 10, 1968 in Needham, Massachusetts as one of five children of Nadine and Robert Sr. He is the younger brother of Hollywood actor Robert Patrick. As a teenager, he went to Bay High School in Bay Village, Ohio.

Nine Inch Nails

After randomly meeting Trent Reznor in a music store in Cleveland, Ohio, Patrick was made the touring guitarist for Reznor’s band Nine Inch Nails. He served in this role from 1989 to 1993. In addition to touring with NIN, Patrick contributed to the recording of the song “Sanctified” on the band’s debut studio album “Pretty Hate Machine.” He also appeared in the music videos for “Down in It,” “Head Like a Hole,” and “Wish.” Ultimately, Patrick decided to leave NIN during the recording of the album “The Downward Spiral” in 1993 due to disputes over his salary.


Just before leaving NIN, Patrick co-founded the rock band Filter with guitarist and programmer Brian Liesegang. The band went on to release its debut studio album, “Short Bus,” in 1995. A solid success, the album launched the single “Hey Man Nice Shot.” Liesegang left Filter after the recording of “Short Bus,” and was eventually replaced by Geno Lenardo. The band released its second studio album, “Title of Record,” in 1999. Peaking at number 30 on the Billboard 200, the album spawned Filter’s most commercially successful single, “Take a Picture.” In 2002, the band released its third album, “The Amalgamut”; it was far less successful than its predecessors, largely due to the fact that Patrick canceled its main tour in order to enter rehab to treat his alcoholism. Following a nearly six-year hiatus, Filter released its fourth album, “Anthems for the Damned,” in 2008. It was followed two years later by “The Trouble with Angels,” which Patrick recorded with the “Anthems for the Damned” touring band.

Signed to Wind-up Records, Filter released the album “The Sun Comes Out Tonight” in 2013; it featured Jonathan Radtke on guitar and bass. The band’s next album, 2016’s “Crazy Eyes,” was its lowest-debuting album to date. Patrick went on to reunite with Brian Liesegang to record a follow-up to Filter’s debut album “Short Bus,” but the project was put on hold when its source of funding, PledgeMusic, went bankrupt. A planned tour celebrating Filter’s 20th anniversary tour was also suspended, due to scheduling conflicts. However, the band finally pulled things together to record its eighth studio album, originally titled “Murica.” The album’s name was changed to “They’ve Got Us Right Where They Want Us, At Each Other’s Throats” ahead of its release in 2023.

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Army of Anyone

With the DeLeo brothers of the band Stone Temple Pilots, Patrick formed the rock supergroup Army of Anyone in 2005. Ray Luzier soon joined on drums. Army of Anyone released its self-titled debut album, and its only album, in late 2006. The album launched the successful single “Goodbye.” The band subsequently went on tour before taking a hiatus in mid-2007. Army of Anyone’s last performance took place in El Paso, Texas that year.

The Damning Well

Patrick’s other supergroup was The Damning Well, which had a brief run in 2003. Consisting of him, Wes Borland, Danny Lohner, and Josh Freese, the group recorded two songs: “Awakening,” which was released on the soundtrack to the film “Underworld,” and “Power,” an unreleased track.

Film Scores

Outside of his bands, Patrick has also composed some scores for films. In 2016, he and Tobias Enhus created the score for “Dark Crimes,” starring Jim Carrey. Patrick collaborated with Enhus again on the score to the 2017 crime drama “Last Rampage,” starring Patrick’s brother Robert.


Patrick has also written for publications. In 2008, he wrote an editorial for the Huffington Post called “Talking About War,” and after that began writing a column called “Filtering the Truth” for the website SuicideGirls.

Personal Life

With his wife Tina, Patrick has a daughter and a son. Having struggled for years with alcoholism and drug abuse, he has reportedly been sober since 2002.

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