Emanuela Pecchia: Wiki (Paolo Macchiarini’s Wife), Bio, Age, Height, Family

Emanuela Pecchia: Wiki (Paolo Macchiarini’s Wife), Bio, Age, Height, Career, Relationship, Family, Net Worth, Profession, Children, Nationality, Education, Religion and more: She is the wife of popular Swiss-born Italian surgeon Paolo Macchiarini, who specializes in thoracic surgery. In addition to being famous for his fraudulent and manipulative behavior,

The Surgeon Paolo has also been involved in any controversy.s. While Emanuela Pecchia lives in Italy with her husband, her husband needs to travel back and forth from the USA to ITALY for work. Many believe Emanuela manages her house and takes care of her children. She seems to be younger than Paolo but her exact age is unknown. She was born in Italy.

Emanuela Pecchia’s Personal Life

Known for being the wife of famous Italian surgeon Paolo Macchiarini, Emilie Pecchia was born and raised in Italy, but no information is available about her parents, siblings, or relatives. After marrying Paolo, she entered the limelight, but she stays away from the spotlight because she usually stays in Italy.

Paolo travels to the USA for work and surgery. Emanuela and Paolo were married in Italy, before Macchiarini gained popularity in the USA. After finishing high school with good grades, Emanuela obtained a Bachelor’s Degree from a US State University. Her exact age is unknown, but she looks between 50 and 60 years old.

Emanuela Pecchia’s Relationship

It was in Italy that Paolo Macchiarini and Emanuela Pecchia said their wedding vows 30 years ago. Despite the fact that the couple had traveled so far, certain things happened that would have changed the outcome. Paolo was working in the USA and Emanuela was caring for their children in Italy.

There has been speculation that Paolo had an affair with NBC’s Benita Alexandar in 2015, but Emanuela had no idea. It was Benita who found out that Paolo was already married to Emanuela, and she broke the engagement just 2 months before their wedding. Paolo even got engaged to Benita without telling his wife.

Then Emanuela got to know about it and had a big fight with Paolo. That’s how Paolo got into many controversies after that. However, despite all that, Emanuela and Paolo are still together and have a beautiful marriage.

Emanuela Pecchia’s Net Worth

In spite of the fact that there are no records or information about her professional life, some sources suggest that Emanuela Pecchia has a net worth of about a million dollars, while her husband has a net worth of $4-5 million.

Listed below is Emanuela Pecchia’s full bio, including her wiki, name, age, height, weight, university, education, date of birth, birthplace, zodiac sign, nationality, religion, relationship, career, profession, and interests.

Emanuela Pecchia Wiki, Name, Bio, Age, Relationship

Full Name Emanuela Pecchia
Age 50-60 years old
Birth Year Not Known
Birth Place Italy
Husband Paolo Macchiarini
Father Not known
Mother Not Known
Children 2
Profession Not known
Hair Colour Black
Eyes Colour Black
Height 5 feet and 8 inches
Weight Not Known
Zodiac sign  Not Known
Nationality Italian
Net Worth $ 1 million


Emanuela Pecchia’s Little Known Facts:

  1. The wife of Paolo Macchiarini is Emanuela Pecchia.

  2. Currently, Emanuela Pecchia resides in Italy

  3. NBC’s Benita had an affair with her husband.

  4. Currently, she is unemployed.

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