OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus subscription launches in India

Introduction OpenAI has launched its ChatGPT Plus subscription service, providing customers with early access to new features including GPT-4, the refined AI model. Benefits of ChatGPT Plus: For a monthly subscription fee of $20, ChatGPT Plus offers users several benefits, including access to the refined AI model GPT-4 even during peak usage hours. Additionally, users … Read more

Google Warns Android Users to Protect Against Remotely Exploitable Flaws in Popular Phones

As reported by various media outlets, Google has recently issued a warning to Android users to take immediate action to protect themselves against remotely exploitable flaws that have been discovered in popular Android phones. In this article, we’ll discuss what these vulnerabilities are, how they can be exploited, and what users can do to protect … Read more

10 Best Practices for web developers in 2023

10 Best Practices for web developers in 2023

10 Best Practices for Web Developers in 2023 Are you wondering what will be the best practices for web developers in 2023? The rapid pace of technology means shifts in development methods and approaches every few years. Here are the 10 best practices for web developers to stay on top in 2023. By leveraging these … Read more