Ambani’s jio Phone 3 May be released Soon

Jio phone pre-booking resumes. Users who want to order/buy a jio phone can pre-book it now.

However, you need to register interest for jio phone on the official website of Jio. But before doing that, You should be aware of the Terms and Conditions of Jio phone as there are some harsh Terms as well. But if you are not then let’s have a quick look over terms and conditions.

Users need to do the minimum of Rs 1500 recharge per anum.

The user cannot sell their jio phone to anyone else.

Also, the refundable amount will be given back after 36 months from the time of purchase. As the Jio phone pre-booking resumes, Jio may face a rush of customers. But with these terms and conditions, there may be a little decline in demand. However, For Rs 1500 This is too much for an Indian.

Jio phone pre-booking resumes

There are many terms and conditions like this and you can read them over here-Jio phone’s Terms and Conditions.

How to pre-book/register a jio phone.
Go to the official website of jio.

Hover over the Jio phone.

Click on register interest for jio phone.

Now you will see a new window as shown below.
Jio phone pre-booking

Fill up all the details.

Click on the Checkbox on I accepts terms and conditions.

Now click on submit and you will get a new pop up of thank you for registering interest in jio phone as shown below.
Pre-book jio phone

When will we get Jio phones delivered?

Those customers who will be eligible for a jio phone or who will be shortlisted which may be purely done via first come first serve may get their Jio phones within two months from the date of registering interest for jio phone.

Can I Buy more than one Jio phone?

Yes, you can click on business and after that, you can buy as many as jio phones you want. However, an extra amount as GST may be charged.

What will you get with a Jio phone?

You will get a charger, a phone, a battery, and a sim card with your Jio phone. However, an extra amount of Rs 153 will be charged for the sim.

Also, the validity and benefits of Rs 153 plan are 0.5 GB data per day, unlimited Local + STD calling and free SMS with access to all jio apps.

Besides this, there are many other features of Jio phone and users customers were demanding

the Jio phone pre-booking and here it is.

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