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Amit Shah (64 years old now) is an Indian Politician is currently serving as President of BHARATIYA JANATA PARTY (BJP) and as a member of Rajya sabha.
SHAH was elected as an MLA from sarkhej in four consecutive elections:1997,1998,2002 & 2007.


He is the close associate of Prime minister Narendra Modi.He was MLA from Naranpura, elected in the 2012 elections.


During the 2014 Lok Sabha elections He was the BJP’s in charge for India’s crucial state ,Uttar Pradesh.By the best ever performance, by BJP by winning 73 out of 80 seats,as a result AMIT SHAH was appointed as the Party’s national president I July 2014.

Under his leadership, the BJP achieved success in Legislative Assembly Elections in MAHARASHTRA, HARYANA, JAMMU AND KASHMIR ,JHARKHAND AND ASSAM.
Nowadays, Amit Shah is active on social media like twitter and tweeted recently that “Modi is the leader who can take this country forward ‘.

BJP chief will be addressing booth workers during his visit to Dehradun to attend Trishakti Sammelan on Saturday.

“To take the country forward, to secure the country, to develop it, we need a capable leader like Narendra Modi”said Amit Shah.
Amit Shah is very confident about the BJP’S victory this year.

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He also said to Rahul Ghandi “the Opposition and the Rahul Ghandi were stunned by the budget.”
Also “Rahul Ghandi should be clear his stand on Ayodhya. I can say that Ram Mandir will be built there “,said Amit Shah.

He said that they will win elections in Uttar Pradesh and no Gathbandhans can do anything to us.
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