Kader Khan Net Worth, Life, Family and His House

Kader Khan has served in the Bollywood industry for a long time and that is appreciable. The way Kader Khan served for the film industry was something which many stars couldn’t. He has contributed to the industry in many ways (actor, director, comedian, and screenwriter). Khan was active in Bollywood from 1971 to 2017. He played a role of prosecuting attorney in his debut movie Daag which was released in 1973, In which Rajesh Khanna played the lead role. Kader Khan’s Net worth At the time of his death was $30 million, which is equal to INR 212crores.

Kader Khan has done some extraordinary roles in the film industry and in real life as well. Kader Khan has been there for a long time. But being in the industry doesn’t mean you are serving to the community. however, he was a man with a vision and had a lot of love for the poor people of this world. So he retired himself and then started serving the poor people.

His Sons were very much connected with him and before a few years, he was offered Canadian citizenship and he moved to Canada with his family. After a prolonged illness, he left for the heavenly abode a few weeks back.

Kader Khan Net Worth

But a strange thing which nobody noticed or only a few may have noticed that none of the big stars were present in the ceremonial rites of kade Khan in Canada. His Family chose to bury him in Canada because he had moved there and they are the citizens of Canada now. Otherwise, they actually belong to Afghanistan.

Kader Khan was mostly known for the comedy roles he had played for several years in the industry. But he played some other roles of villains, supporting actor and sometimes the father of the heroes as well. So we can say he was a versatile actor which this industry may never produce again.

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