Salim Khan Net Worth, Family, Age and House

The 83-year-old scriptwriter, who came on the show along with sons Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan, shared an interesting anecdote. Saleem khans net worth is $260 million.

He revealed, “A man named Ganesh used to visit our house often and I would see my sons giving him more respect than me. So I thought I need to find out more about this guy”.
“I got to know that Ganesh was the one who got my sons the leaked examination papers.”
Salman added that Ganesh got those papers for him.

SalimKhan net worth

Talking about his sons in the show, Salim Khan revealed a secret about actor turned director Arbaaz Khan. He said that while growing up, Arbaaz loved playing cricket and he got him enrolled in Gymkhana for cricket coaching. He added that Arbaaz wished to be a singer and they arranged a teacher who came to teach him singing at Later one day, Salim decided to check Arbaaz’s singing talent and asked him to sing a song.

But as he sang, Salim realized that Arbaaz was not that good at singing. So he advised him to concentrate on cricket than singing. While Arbaaz asked his dad if he had seen his game, the latter replied, “No. But I have heard you sing so that cricket will be any day a better option.”

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