Priyanka Gandhi Net Worth and His Bio

PRIYANKA GANDHI -future of Indian National Congress party
Finally, Priyanka Gandhi has decided to enter into politics, just months ahead of the national election due by May Rahul Gandhi said: “I am very happy that my sister, who is extremely capable and hard-working will work with me”. The total Net Worth of Priyanka Gandhi is estimated to be around $68 million which is equl to 450 crore INR.  

BJP leader JP Nadda said that the entrance of Priyanka Gandhi in Congress indicates theat Rahul Ghandi has failed as the party’s scion and he should answer the question of dynastic politics.


Shahnawaz Hussain calls Priyanka’s political entry *’OLD WINE IN NEW BOTTLE’*😱
Shahnawaz said that Priyanka’s appointment in the congress in both 2009 Nd 2014 elections and thus to say that she is entering politics now is just like ‘old wine in new bottle’.

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra Joins Politics, Gets Key UP Post Ahead Of Polls

Many people congratulates Priyanka especially Karnataka deputy chief minister G Parmeshwara and the former Maharashtra chief minister,Ashok chavan congratulates Priyanka Ghandi.
Congress hopefully of defeating Modi-shah combo through Priyanka *Trump card* to defeat Bharatiya Janata Party.
But BJP government said that her entry indicates the failure of Rahul Ghandi as the party’s scion.
Does the entry of Priyanka Ghandi in congress party will make it the next government?.Does Priyanka is the real future of Congress party?..Give your answers in comments.😊

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